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Hey Delivery

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"Hey Delivery" provides trusted home delivery service. Whether you are in the middle of a busy day and you need an extra hand for shopping, or you do not have transportation to get to the store, "Hey Delivery" is here to help. Efficient, courteous, trusted shoppers take your list of items and do your shopping for you, whether you need groceries, medicine, take-out, or gifts etc. Whatever you need, Hey Delivery deliver it for you..

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You can order items from shops of the following categories: Restaurants, Bakeries, Supermarkets, Grocery Shops, Vegetables and Fruits ,Medical Shops etc..
We have multiple categories of shops for your convenience. You can also combine orders from different shops across different categories. We have our own delivery network so you need not worry about orders getting mixed up or different items arriving separately. You can reach us at the number 8136811791. We accept special orders like surprise gifts, party orders etc..
Yes .You have to pay The Delivery Charge.
We offer cash on delivery (CoD) service. That is you can pay the customer service executive who makes the delivery.
Delivery time depends on traffic, weather, time taken for preparation/assembling the order, distance, nature of the order etc. But you can ask for an estimated time at the time of ordering.
You can't cancel an order once we have begun processing it. But you can get in touch and we all look into the possibility.
You need to provide the exact order you wish to place. And you need to provide the exact address, and at least one telephone number and your name.

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